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Our Projects

Welcome to the Projects page of Arbuckle Building Solutions, where excellence and precision meet in every construction project we undertake. Explore our portfolio to see the quality and diversity of our work.


Step into Normandy Square, a home upgrade HGTV couldn't have thought to pull off. A new bathroom, kitchen, basement, and living room have brought this home to life!


Let us do our thing, and you get the LCM Coastal Colonial! This project came with a complete kitchen renovation, a new master bedroom and ensuite, and a Fourier that would shock royalty!


This comprehensive remodel transformed the house into a rustic retreat with a vaulted ceiling, a new sunroom, a relocated staircase, and fully updated bathrooms and bedrooms.


This full remodel features a new entryway with a vaulted ceiling, enhanced curb appeal through single-sloped roofs, updated landscaping, gutters, and garage, all unified by a striking geometric design.


This Project received an updated main floor and bathroom that utilized a modern design with marble tile floors, floating vanities, and glass cabinetry that makes for perfect symmetry


For this Project, we refurbished existing cabinetry, installed Luce Lazula Quartz Countertops and floating shelves, and redesigned the kitchen Island to provide additional storage. 


Coffee Creek received a new, modern basement with brass finishes and a bar that would rival most fine dining establishments.


This Project allowed us to flex our muscles with a complete kitchen renovation, half-bath rehab, custom cabinetry installation, and layout design. 

Immerse yourself in the sleek elegance of state-of-the-art stainless steel appliances that seamlessly integrate into a minimalist, open-concept layout. Welcome to Verona Gardens!

Our team completed a full basement redesign with inspiration from old English pubs. Polished Concrete floors, butcher block countertops, exposed ceiling joists painted with Benjamin Moore Black Beauty, bronze finishes, and custom tile in the bathroom. 

This Project saw a new living room design with custom cabinetry, new quartz kitchen countertops, and a redesigned fireplace mantle professionally designed by Arbuckle Building Solutions.

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